The Círculo Initiative

A leap towards regeneration.

A collection of for-purpose businesses dedicated to service, hospitality, adventure, relaxation and real food.

We use business as a tool to regenerate human and environmental abundance.

We wonder: what if there was a place that grew organic food, built structures from recycled/natural materials and had activities that connected with local communities? A place serving travelers, not tourists. What if we created an entire ecosystem aimed at regenerating our planet? Regenerating not only Mother Nature, but communities, economies and, most importantly, the human spirit.

The Círculo Initiative was born from our desire to build a whole new world.

The real magic of the Initiative lies within our people. We’re a mix of dreamers and doers, locals and foreigners, solo explorers and big families stretching from India to Australia to the Americas—a diverse group who believes anything is possible in hot pursuit of regeneration. These people got soul.

Working together, we’re a team of curious stewards ensuring that our business ecosystem flows and grows as we invent our future.