Shuttles: Beaches & Beyond

Convenient + Dependable =
No Worries.

In partnership with Casa Oro Eco Hostel, we started running shuttles to the beaches long before the roads were improved. Over the years, we grew bit by bit and today we effectively serve as the public transport system to surrounding beaches. We pride ourselves in providing the most frequent and reliable shuttle service to the beaches around San Juan del Sur starting at just $5 round trip. Our shuttles to Playa Maderas leave five times each day are designed to accommodate both large and small groups and as many surfboards you can dream of. Shuttles to Playa Hermosa (a secluded beach with rad amenities) are also offered twice daily. If you’ve got enough people or enough time to corral 6+ people, we’ll take you anywhere you want, anytime.

Maderas Beach

Departure from Casa Oro


Return to Casa Oro (from beach)


Round Trip: $5 per person

Hermosa Beach

Departure from Casa Oro


Return to Casa Oro

6pm (upon request)

Round Trip: $10 per person, includes $3 entrance fee

Remanso Beach

Departure from Casa Oro


Return to Casa Oro

6pm (upon request)

Round Trip: $5 per person


With a minimum of 6 people, we’d be happy to take you and your friends anywhere. You would ride in one of the vehicles in the Casa Oro fleet and have a personal driver for the trip.

Prices are per person

  • Rivas: $6
  • Border: $8
  • San Jorge: $8
  • Granada: $15
  • Masaya: $20
  • Managua-Airport: $30
  • Managua-Tica Bus Station on or Managua Center: $35

Beyond San Juan del Sur

Casa Oro has also become a major transport hub for beyond San Juan del Sur and we’d be happy to help you get to where you’re going next. With the help of our transport partner, we offer shuttles and private transportation to spots like San Jorge (the gateway for Ometepe Island), Granada, Managua, and Leon — just say the word and you’re there. See shuttle schedule and prices below.

Prices are per person.

Departure 9:30am

  • Rivas: $15
  • San Jorge: $15
  • Granada: $15
  • Managua: $25
  • Tica Bus: $25
  • Leon: $25

Departure 3pm

  • Granada: $15
  • Managua: $25

We’ve been working with a group of reliable taxi drivers for over a decade. They’ve always got gas, a spare tire and they’re safe. They’d be happy to transport you anywhere, anytime. See below for prices.

Prices are for the taxi (4 spots).

  • Border: $25
  • Rivas: $15
  • San Jorge (Ferry): $20
  • Gigante: $50
  • Popoyo: $60
  • Granada: $60
  • Masaya: $60
  • Laguna de Apoyo: $70
  • Managua: $80

Caribe Shuttle

Cross-Country Shuttle Service! If you’re planning to head down to Costa Rica or Panama, Caribe Shuttle is a very convenient option. They run daily shuttles all across Central America. Most of the vans are equipped with WiFi, all have A/C and respectable leg room. You can hop on the daily shuttles or set up a private transfer. Caribe Shuttle also lends a helping hand with border crossings. With Caribe, you can be sure you’ll get to where you’re going.

Prices are per person.

  • Tamarindo, 6 hrs: $50
  • Arenal/La Fortuna, 6 hrs: $65
  • Liberia, 3 hrs: $35
  • Puerto Viejo/Cahuita, 13 hrs: $120
  • San Jose, 7 hrs: $70
  • Monteverde, 7 hrs: $65